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Monday, August 24, 2009

Executive Profile - Edwin S. McCollister


I have gotten a start on a couple of executive profiles for key managers at ElectroData Corp. First out of the box was Ed McCollister. That is "Edwin S. McCollister" if you are searching the internet.

I have been collecting information about McCollister in a folder ever since I started to build the Datatron website. He seems to be a real character and really got around the industry - IBM, ElectroData, Burroughs, Univac, RCA and back to Burroughs!

Last week, I finally cracked open the ElectroData press release files at the Charles Babbage Institute (I spend every Monday afternoon there. But it would be easy to just move in and only leave for meals. What a collection of files and information!) There in the 1960 P. R. folder was a picture of Ed McCollister. I have been looking for a good shot of him for about a year. I guess Burroughs purged him from their biography files. That got me to work writing the McCollister page on the Datatron site and a couple of days ago I moved it on-line. Enjoy!

I am also collecting items for a Jim Bradburn (James R. Bradburn) page but don't have all I want yet.