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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Update to the Datatron 205 Page

After spending several summer afternoons at the University of Minnesota's Charles Babbage Institute, I collected enough information to add two more pages to my Datatron 205 website. The Babbage Institute has a fascinating collection of 93 boxes of computer product literature donated from many sources. If you are ever looking for sales brochures from an obscure manufacturer, this collection likely has what you want.

This search page, from the University's library system is the key to locating information in the Babbage Institute. Well, that and a fine staff member such as Stephanie Horowitz who seems to know everything about what they have and where things are located!

The photo above was cropped and extracted from a couple of pictures forwarded to me by N. W. Bell, one of the members of the original Datatron 205 development team. He visited both of the museum Datatron systems this summer and was kind enough to forward photos which I also added to the Datatron page. The system in the California museum seems to be in better condition than the one in Montana, although not nearly as complete.