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This blog is a companion to T J Sawyer's Web Page that outlines the history of the Burroughs Datatron 205 and Paul Kimpel's incredible 205 and 220 emulators. Please visit those sites and return here to post any comments.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Place for Burroughs 205 Tales From The Past

Well, I've finally done it!

For years, I have saved my old Burroughs 205 manuals, Cardatron coding forms and other memorabilia with the thought that I would someday publish a magazine article or possibly even a book about this marvelous old first generation computer. I collected references in books and magazines and even references on that new-fangled Internet thing.

So I finally got started on the book. But since the book deserves input from a lot more people, I thought I had better at least start with a web page that gives an overview of B205 history. So that is now out there to live forever in Cyberspace!

And, here is a blog for comments.

Do you have experience with the Burroughs 205? Or with Electrodata Corporation? Or maybe you just lived in the neighborhood of the facilities in Pasadena. Post comments here.