Saturday, December 13, 2008

Burroughs 205 Programming Languages

Bob Kubic's note below made me think that I should add a page to the Datatron site about the various languages that we used to program the 205. If anyone has suggested additions to this list, please add a comment to this post or e-mail me with them.

I'll be working on this over the next couple of weeks along with a page that features the package design so well-illustrated by Bob's photos.

205 programming languages that I am aware of include:
  • Machine Language
  • Shell Symbolic Assembly Program (Shell Oil)
  • The Burroughs Algebraic Compiler for the 205 (Don Knuth)
  • Datacode 1 (Saul Rosen)
  • Dumbo (Bob Kubic)
  • Machine Language Simulator (Tom Sawyer)
That last one was my own contribution, utilized at the University of Portland for student programs.

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